New Series of HillNotes for the 42nd Parliament

The Library of Parliament is pleased to launch a new series of HillNotes of special interest to members of Canada’s 42nd Parliament, as well as the general public.

Over the coming weeks, the Library’s economists, lawyers, scientists, and political and social policy experts will provide authoritative and timely analysis in a series of blog posts on emerging policy issues.

Readers can expect analyses and concise articles on topics ranging from Canada’s supply management regimes to trade negotiations, health care, changing demographic landscape, our role in international affairs and our evolving telecommunications industry, to name but a few.

Many of these HillNotes will feature maps and infographics, showcasing developments in the Library’s mapping and data visualization program.

HillNotes builds upon the Library of Parliament’s tradition of high-quality and non-partisan research and information services to parliamentarians and committees of the Senate and House of Commons. These posts will continue to match the same high standards of the many other informational resources offered by the Library.

HillNotes are designed in digital formats for desktop and mobile devices, and provide links to more comprehensive Library publications and related resources.

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