Coming in October – New HillNotes Series

Be on the lookout this fall for new posts on HillNotes, the Library of Parliament’s research and analysis blog.

HillNotes provide high-quality and non-partisan overviews on topics of interest and relevance to Parliament. Since the opening of the 42nd parliament, readers have received information on topics ranging from Canada’s supply management regimes to trade negotiations, health care, changing demographic landscape, our role in international affairs and our evolving telecommunications industry, to name but a few.

Beginning in mid-October readers can look forward a new series of timely and authoritative analyses, many of which will be supplemented with maps and infographics.

HillNotes are designed in digital formats for desktop and mobile devices, and provide links to more comprehensive Library publications and related resources. Bookmark our site to remain up-to-date on current and emerging policy issues of interest to Parliament.

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