Understanding Spectrum Management in Canada

Reading Time: 5 minutes Disponible en français. Wireless communications services are constantly changing how Canadians live and participate in society. They improve connectivity across the country, especially in sparsely populated areas. Wireless services are also at the forefront of technological developments, such as fifth… Read More ›

Net Neutrality in Canada

Reading Time: 4 minutes (Disponible en français : La neutralité du Net au Canada) The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC or the Commission) defines net neutrality as the general principle that “all traffic on the Internet should be given equal treatment by” Internet… Read More ›

A Primer on Driverless and Connected Vehicles

Reading Time: 4 minutes (Disponible en français : Introduction aux véhicules sans conducteur et aux véhicules connectés) Driverless vehicles, otherwise known as autonomous, automated or self-driving cars, are no longer science fiction. Several companies around the world are testing both driverless and so-called “connected”… Read More ›