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Context, Forms and Impacts of Harassment and Abuse in Sport

Figure 1 provides information on the context, forms and impacts of harassment and abuse in sport. The cultural context of harassment and abuse in sport is rooted in discrimination and power imbalances based on various identity factors (disability, age, gender, sex, etc.). Harassment and abuse of athletes can take many forms (psychological harm, sexual harm, physical harm and neglect). Finally, the impacts of these acts can be devastating to athletes and have repercussions for sport federations.

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Recognition of Black History Month in Canada: Key Events Along the Way

This infographic presents a number of important dates related to Black History Month and the participation of Black people in the Canadian parliamentary system. 1926: The precursor to Black History Month, Negro History Week, begins in the United States. 1949: First Black candidate runs for election to the House of Commons. (Bill White). 1968: First Black Member of the House of Commons is elected. (The Honourable Lincoln Alexander). 1984: First Black Senator is appointed. (The Honourable Anne Cools). 1993: First Black woman is elected to the House of Commons. (The Honourable Jean Augustine). 1995: Black History Month is recognized by the House of Commons. 2005: First Black Governor General is sworn in. (The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean). 2008: Black History Month is recognized by the Senate of Canada.

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