Executive Summary – Road Transportation: Heavyweight of the Canadian Economy

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The trucking sector is one of the most important pillars of transportation in the supply chain. Thanks to Canada’s extensive road network, trucks are the primary mode of transport used to ship goods across the country. The trucking sector is also the key mechanism for trade with the United States – Canada’s number one trading partner. However, the lack of harmonized regulations, both among the provinces and between the countries, hinders the flow of trade. In addition, the sector faces many challenges in responding to the growing demand, and the driver shortage is currently a major cause for concern. Initiatives aimed at diversifying the trucking sector, for example, by supporting under‑represented groups and encouraging them to join the profession, could help fill vacancies. Without counting the effects of the COVID‑19 pandemic, at a time where climate change has generated global concerns, the trucking sector is also being asked to reduce its environmental footprint, which presumably will require shifting to more environmentally friendly heavy vehicles.

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By Dana Fan and Khamla Heminthavong, Library of Parliament

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